About Ideas & Information

Ideas & Information is a not-for-profit environmental awareness organisation that focuses on various facets of sustainability through projects and events.

I am interested in sustainability in general, but I am specifically interested in food, transport and housing. It’s not to say that I know anything much, but simply that I have an interest in these things.

So, from my interest in sustainability, I want to actually do something, and that is what Ideas & Information is for. It says above that it is an organisation; this is because I don’t want to think of it as a project because it has the potential to be so much more than a project that does one specific thing.

I want to hold opportunities for the discussion of sustainability issues, including film screenings, and talks by people who know lots about, say, food security; I want to have a program of events that might include skills workshops; and I want to use Ideas & Information as a way to work on projects like putting together a local ethical directory of retailers, and the sunflower project.

Everything will have something to do with sustainability; through the dissemination of information and the opportunity to talk and to think amongst ourselves, it is hoped that we will all have a better idea of how to do things in a more sustainable manner (and that we will actually do it because we have learned the necessary skills or have developed good habits).

I live only in Oxford, but we all hope that if many people make a small effort, doing whatever they are doing, whether it is raising awareness or changing personal habits, wherever they are, it will make a difference. If nothing else, it is better than all of us doing nothing. So I’m not hoping that I will make a massive difference in the world overnight, but something positive is better than nothing.