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Ideas & Information

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

The header now says “ideas and commentary, mostly about sustainability and politics” rather than the previous “engaging with sustainability”. I am no political correspondent, obviously, but I am developing an interest in politics, so the header now accurately reflects that. I changed the categories of some of my posts, also, for that reason.

I have no idea what is going on with Ideas & Information. There is a slight change in its direction with every thought I have, it seems—I thought a programme of thoughtful workshops and lectures would be great; I thought I’d concentrate on workshops; I briefly thought about disseminating a series of “introduction to…” leaflets ( introduction to energy, introduction to fairtrade, et cetera); I started to focus on organising a screening of Pig Business; I wanted to give away sunflowers for people to enjoy; I’d really like to work with educational institutions and small businesses who are interested in reducing their environmental impact; I’d like to start a waste project; and I recently thought that to organise an ordinary people’s version of TED Global would be fantastic.

I am supposed to be distributing leaflets and posters to get people interested in working with me, but I haven’t started with that yet. I would love to be able to do everything I have in mind. It just seems that things can take a long time to start progressing.


Monday, February 15th, 2010

Last year I grew two sunflowers. One was a yellow and red paquito, and the other was an irish eyes. There was another sunflower I had, as well, that was in a packet of flower seeds to attract birds. It was a yellow single stem dwarf sunflower, perhaps a sunspot. I liked that one the most, although it didn’t last very long.

Watching the sunflowers grow, and watching the heads open up, I found exciting, and it was always a pleasure to look out of the window and see them all there.

Everybody should feel the same excitement, so I plan to grow around 30 sunspot sunflowers in coir pots and give them away (hopefully I will get hold of some buckets to give for potting on). I hope to put up some leaflets about this.

If you would like a sunflower, do contact me at jasmine at ideasandinformation dot org dot uk, and I will let you know when the seedlings are ready. I can’t remember when they are supposed to be sown, but all will become clearer when I get the seeds…