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Workshops in sustainability

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I realised a couple of days ago that I am probably not going to be able to make a complex series of lectures and related workshops work.

What I will do now is concentrate on the workshops. I would like Ideas & Information to be able to offer a programme of workshops in sustainability in Oxford, and leave the lectures/discussions to somebody else, perhaps.

I am looking for collaborators for this, people skilled in foraging, preserving, butchery, and such useful skills. If anybody is reading this and thinks they’d like to work with me on this, please do contact me at jasmine @ ideasandinformation dot org dot uk.

Foraging; hunting; making cheese; butchery; making wine; preserving food; urban gardening; basic cooking; recycling; and clothes altering are on the draft list of possible workshops that could be offered. I would also be interested to do something like an introduction to the seasons for food. Perhaps it could be a monthly thing, where we cover what is in season, at its best, what is coming in, and what is going out. Also, I am interested in herbs and wildflowers, and I think it’d be nice to haveĀ a day of being in a meadow or something, looking at the plants.

I’d like it if anybody reading this feels they’d like to be involved in such a workshop, or has ideas for other workshops, do let me know (jasmine @ ideasandinformation dot org dot uk).

Further posts will be made on any progress.